John McTavish "McT"

This is my new kitty McTavish.
I adopted him from a rescue group in January of 2006.
He had come from Rockford where "his time was up", after being abandon, but the
rescue group got him in time to spare his life and find him a new home.

(John) McTavish

He loves the dogs and has his impish ways with them.
Very mischievous, plays in water and loves to cuddle.

Early in January I lost my kitty "Boy" (Auggie Also) to liver disease.
He was about 18 years old. I adopted him 16 years ago from a humane society.
I have always had a big male kitty and really felt at a loss with losing "Boy".
I started my search seeing hundreds of kitties and then there he was!
He "merfed"at me and reached out his paw. They let me open his cage and
I picked him up and he just wrapped his legs around me and didn't want
me to put him back into the cage. Needless to say he stole my heart!
I named him McTavish, guess maybe because he is a redhead. And it just seemed
fitting that John went with it. The last couple of years has not been the
best with losing Bette, Buck, Dart and Boy (my 18 year old cat).
My Wilma has gone into sudden end-stage heart failure and my oldest dog Elli,
(she's 13) is also now having kidney problems. So into my life has come
John McTavish. The amount of joy he has brought to my life is wonderful.
He reminds me of a kitty I had many years ago,
"DogCat" aka Auggie Theodore Regal. He lived to be 18 along
with his littermate "Cloris"aka Notorious Cloris Lavorious.


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