Comebye Hot Diggity Dawg "Diggity"


OFA Excellent - CERF - BAER
Scissor bite, full dentation. 18.18", black, white and tan

Ch Shoreland Riptide At Comebye Riptide x
Comebye Try 'N' Catch Me, 1/2 HT

Diggity = speed kills

To say that Dig is awesome is an understatement! She over flows
with talent in agility. If I can learn to get my mouth working fast
enough for her she certainly would be happy!!

Diggity has to be one of the happiest dogs ever.
She loves to play with dirt just as her daddy did
and his daddy did and his grandpa did. Flinging it
and pouncing on it, oh what fun!! She shares my bed with her
grandma Wilma. I am so grateful she leaves annoying the cat
up to Kyla! Diggity is a sweetheart, gives kisses to everyone she meets.
Her striking appearance makes her very unforgettable.



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